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Arkansas Leader

The ARKANSAS LEADER program, which is designed for chiefs, sheriffs, and other upper-level leaders within a law enforcement agency, takes a multi-faceted, dynamic approach to leadership training. Recognizing that attendees are not only leaders of their agencies but also within their communities, the course is designed to advance individual professional development and education that is transferable to their respective organizations and communities.

The ARKANSAS LEADER program is jointly sponsored by the Criminal Justice Institute and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The program has been designated a Command College of the FBI.

Session XXVI of ARKANSAS LEADER will be held in June 11-16, 2017 at the Criminal Justice Institute. Heads of Arkansas law enforcement agencies who wish to attend or nominate a member of senior management (Captains and above) within their agency should direct correspondence to Dr. Cheryl May, CJI Director, Criminal Justice Institute, 26 Corporate Hill Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205. The nomination deadline is April 28, 2017.

This is a 40 hour class.

For more information, contact Mike Smith: (501) 570-8092 and or Kimberly Hendricks: (501) 570-8041 and