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Financial Investigations Practical Skills

This course provides hands-on training at a basic level. Students develop the practical skills, insight, and knowledge necessary to manage a successful financial investigation from start to finish, including the acquisition and examination of financial records, interview skills, and case management and organization. Additional topics include securities fraud, insurance fraud, financial exploitation of the elderly, financial profiling, and state-specific statutes and legal issues.

• Financial records. Learn to obtain and manage records. Conduct a financial profile.
• Building a case. Parallel processes and multi-agency operations. Case management. Presenting the case to the prosecutor.
• Hands-on experience. Work a mock financial case as part of an investigative team.

FIPS is a 3-day classroom course.

FC 100 – Overview of White Collar Crime (WCC-WB) online course Register

• This class is 24 hours.


August 8-10, 2017
Criminal Justice Institute

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