Basic Digital Photography

COURSE FEE: $100.00

DATE/TIME: November 4-5, 2015

LOCATION: Arkansas State University at Newport, Newport, AR   ***SPACE IS LIMITED***

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Photography is an integral aspect of properly documenting crime scenes, injury patterns, and other physical evidence. This course will address basic photography theories for capturing quality digital images. Topics include types of digital cameras, digital vs. 35mm film, basic crime scene digital photography, legal issues, and an overview of image handling.

INSTRUCTORS: Daryl Clemens and Annette Tracy
Mr. Daryl Clemens is a Crime Scene Technician for the Forensic Services Unit of the Grand Rapids Police Department.  Mr. Clemens has been in law enforcement since 1993.  He started his law enforcement career with Kalamazoo Township Police Department in 1993 and has been with Grand Rapids Police Department since 1994 where he works as a Crime Scene Technician. Mr. Clemens has been instructing courses on Crime Scene Investigation, Latent Print Processing, Photography and Shooting Reconstruction for more than ten years.  Mr. Clemens is a published author on many forensic related techniques and is the Editor of The Examiner, the newsletter of the International Crime Scene Investigators Association and the Editor of Crime and Clues, an on-line magazine devoted to Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science. Mr. Clemens is a member of the International Association for Identification (IAI), Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS) and the International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA).

Annette Tracy is the Crime Scene and Computer Training Division administrator for the Criminal Justice Institute.  She was previously employed by the Little Rock Police Department, where she worked as a Crime Scene Specialist for twenty years.  She was also employed as a California Highway Patrolman in South Los Angeles.  Ms. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from California Polytechnic University.  She is a Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA) and Certified Latent Fingerprint Examiner (CLPE) through the International Association for Identification (IAI).

TARGET AUDIENCE: Patrol Officers, Investigators, and Crime Scene Personnel

PREREQUISITES/EQUIPMENT:  Students are encouraged to bring a digital camera (digital SLR preferred) with instruction manual, normal lens (if using an SLR) approximately 35-50mm or zoom lens capable of that range, Macro lens (if available), batteries for camera and flash, digital media (2), off camera flash with instruction manual, remote flash cord to connect flash to camera, tripod (if available), and a flashlight. Students without access to a camera should inform CJI upon enrollment. Students should also wear casual clothing that may become soiled during practical exercises conducted both indoors and outdoors.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Check, Purchase Order or Credit Card.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Annette Tracy: at 501-570-8061 or Judy Johnson: at 501-570-8097.
Toll free: 1-800-635-6310.


November 4-5, 2015
Arkansas State University at Newport
Newport, AR

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