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Advanced Prescription Drug Diversion Investigator PDMP Certification Course

Act 901 of 2015 grants “qualified law enforcement agencies” that have successfully completed a prescription drug diversion certification course to have access to the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. The Criminal Justice Institute has developed the 14 hour Advanced Prescription Drug Diversion Investigator PDMP Certificate Course to meet all certification requirements. Act 901 of 2015 requires that certification be completed by the agency CEO AND the assigned diversion investigator prior to access being granted to the Arkansas PDMP.

This course will provide an overall understanding of prescription drug abuse issues as well as the effective and appropriate use of the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in drug diversion investigations. With access to the Arkansas PDMP, advanced prescription drug diversion investigators will be able to use the monitoring program to enhance their investigative capability.

• This class is 14 hours.
• Class hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Topics include:

• Prescription Drug Diversion
• Investigating Diversion Cases
• Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and Arkansas Law Enforcement
• Ethical Considerations
• Certified Law Enforcement Prescription Drug Diversion Investigator’s Use of the Arkansas PDMP
• The Impact of Prescription Abuse in Arkansas

Course Requirements

The CEO of those agencies (Sheriff, Chief of Police, Drug Task Force Supervisor, Special Agent Supervisor in Charge), who would be responsible for the Prescription Drug Diversion Investigator’s access to and use of the PDMP in diversion investigations.
Certified law enforcement officers who are assigned by their agency to investigate prescription drug diversion.




For more information, contact: Matt Modrak: 501-570-8060,