CJI’s Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defense (CDD) course will be held in Little Rock on October 14-17. This is a FREE, 4-day (32-contact hour) training sponsored by funding from DHS/FEMA’s National Education and Training Division.

The goal of this training is to provide technical personnel with the hands-on expertise necessary to defend communication and data networks from cybersecurity events. CCD is a four-day course that will expose participants to potential attack methods from cyberterrorists. After an introduction to cyberterrorism, participants will learn how to protect network systems by survey of the following: planning and preparation of defenses; installation and administration of defenses; hardening network defenses; administration of defenses; monitoring defenses; and testing and modifying defenses—followed by a review of cyberterrorism defenses and emerging trends.

CCD classes stress a proactive approach to providing computer, network, and infrastructure security. Solutions and methods taught are non-vendor-specific, which does not require participants to have specialized software when trying to implement class lessons at their own agencies. CDI stresses proper network and data engineering techniques and methodology over simple software packages, keeping agency financial requirements to a minimum.

This course is offered free-of-charge to technical personnel who work for agencies or organizations considered part of our nation’s critical infrastructure. The course utilizes a blended-learning approach that balances classroom lecture, hands-on laboratory exercises, and supplemental material.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have an increased understanding of the historical perspectives, network design, and emerging methodologies in computer hacking.

View the class description, prerequisites, and registration information on our website.

Registration is available online.