This 2-day class is designed for both first responders and investigators, covering the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and best

Investigating Popular Street Drugs

This course is designed to provide Arkansas law enforcement with information pertaining to ongoing narcotics trends in and


This training is designed for youth professionals and related personnel who desire a comprehensive understanding of (and action

Crimes Against the Elderly Online

As medicine and technology advance, the percentage of older individuals in the population is increasing. With more elders,

ICAT-Integrating Communication Assessment and Tactics

This course introduces the innovative Integrated Communications, Assessment, and Tactics (ICAT) training program, a forward-thinking, evidence-based approach designed

Advanced Methamphetamine Investigation

Methamphetamine remains an extremely serious problem in the United States. In some areas of the country, it poses

Marijuana Eradication Spotter School

Partnering with the Arkansas National Guard Counter drug unit, this two-day class will familiarize advanced law enforcement students

Cybercrimes Insight and Introduction to Digital Evidence Identification

This is a one-day instructor-led course designed to introduce law enforcement officers, with limited or no prior knowledge

Community Advisory Forum

COMBATTING THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC IN ARKANSAS How can community members become involved in battling the opioid epidemic that

Advanced Behavioral Threat Assessment

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Behavioral Threat Assessment course.  You will not be allowed to enroll in the