Dark Web and the Internet is coming to the Criminal Justice Institute on October 12-13.

This course is the first class of its kind, directed towards both first responders and investigators, to remove the veil of the “dark web” and understand the internet.

What is the “dark web”? According to the National Institute of Justice, “The criminal side of the dark web relies on anonymizing technology and cryptocurrency to hide its trade in an assortment of contraband such as opioids and other drugs, bomb parts, weapons large and small, child pornography, social security numbers, body parts — even criminal acts for hire. The dark web’s anonymity not only encourages illegal activities, it keeps many law enforcement agencies largely unaware of its existence, even while their jurisdictions are impacted by online transactional crimes.”

In this training, class attendees will be familiarized with how the “dark web” works, the browsers utilized, “dark net” markets, and be provided with the fundamental understanding of cryptocurrency transactions. The instructor will cover common techniques for “dark web” related shipments, as well as the means to detect recipients and curtail their deliveries, how to detect “dark web” related overdoses, and the best practices for the scene.

Attendees will be exposed to cutting edge tradecraft regarding the exploitation of “end to end encryption” applications that have become so prevalent in the realm of “dark web” narcotics, and how to go “undercover” on the “dark web”. Moreover, the instructor will share his first hand experiences creating multiple investigations and operations that helped take down sellers of narcotics but the markets themselves.

You don’t want to miss this training! Registration is available online.