Emergency Management has long been regarded a function of natural disaster and public safety agencies; it hasn’t typically been considered a primary function of law enforcement agencies.

However, in today’s climate, Emergency Management often includes “man-made” disasters that clearly land under the purview of law enforcement. To be effective in their response, law enforcement officers need a more diverse skill set that encompasses the fundamental practices of FEMA’s Emergency Management strategy, the Incident Command System, and real-world information from lessons learned in the emergency management fields.

The Criminal Justice Institute will be offering Emergency Management for Law Enforcement at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, March 2.

This 8-hour program is designed to better inform law enforcement on the actions needed when responding to a man-made disaster. It will lay a basic foundation for the understanding of emergency management history, current practices, and applications for law enforcement. Special event planning will be addressed to ensure that officers know current best practices and trends in securing mass gatherings of people.

This program will cover the following topics:

  • Foundations of Emergency Management – Students will learn the history and fundamental ideas of Emergency Management, and how to incorporate those ideas into a law enforcement response.
  • Basic Incident Command/Unified Command – Students will learn the structure and methods of establishing command over an incident.
  • Man-Made specific disasters – Students will learn the basic response to certain man-made disasters i.e. active shooters and vehicle assaults.
  • Threat Assessment (THIRA) – Students will learn how to create individualized threat assessments
  • Emergency Operations Plans – Students will learn how to create an individualized EOP.
  • Special Event Planning – Students will learn what criteria need to be considered when organizing security for a special event.
  • Case Study on Power Ultra Lounge – Students will be provided an in-depth look at the Little Rock Police Department’s response to a mass-casualty event.

Registration is available online. Contact Kimberly Hendricks Jones @ 501-570-8041 for more information about this program.