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Bulletproof Mind

COURSE FEE: $125.00


COURSE DESCRIPTION:The frequency of violence confronting the modern day law enforcement officer is alarming. Seemingly controlled confrontations can turn violent at a moment's notice. To maintain mental, physical and emotional health, law enforcement professionals must develop certain tactics to ensure their survival. Choosing to lead the life of a Sheepdog, or "protector" of the public opens doors for the need for higher levels of education and training. The Bulletproof Mind class will offer pertinent psychological factors that should be embraced by protectors, while on and off duty. Psychological processes, as well as physical processes will be addressed to explain officer involvement in confrontational situations. This course will be especially beneficial to tactical team members, firearm instructors, managers, and supervisors of such units. Here are just a few of the specific points you will learn during this full day of instruction: The truth about the explosion of violence in America; What it takes to be a warrior capable of stopping multiple attackers and mass-murdering lunatics; The hidden truth about lethal combat; How the body responds to a violent attack, and what you can do now to ensure your body responds the right way; How to prepare your spouse for an attack; The New Killer of the 21st Century, and why most people aren't willing to talk about it; Important drills that NOBODY practices that would save countless lives; Who is Teaching Our Kids To Kill? Find out now so YOU can put a stop to it!

 Col. Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger who has combined his experiences to become the founder of a new field of scientific endeavor, which has been termed "killology." In this new field Col. Grossman has made revolutionary new contributions to our understanding of killing in war, the psychological costs of war, the root causes of the current "virus" of violent crime that is raging around the world, and the process of healing the victims of violence, in war and peace.  He is the author of On Killing, which has been translated into Japanese, Korean, and German; is on the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant's required reading list; and is required reading at the FBI academy and numerous other academies and colleges. Col. Grossman co-authored Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence, which has been translated into Norwegian and German, and has received international acclaim. Col. Grossman's most recent book, On Combat, has also placed on the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant's Required Reading List and has been translated into Japanese and Korean. Col. Grossman has been called upon to write the entry on "Aggression and Violence" in the Oxford Companion to American Military History, three entries in the Academic Press Encyclopedia of Violence and numerous entries in scholarly journals, to include the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.  He has presented to over 100 different colleges and universities worldwide, and has trained educators and law enforcement professionals, in the field of school safety, at the state and regional level, in all 50 states and over a dozen foreign nations.  He has been an expert witness and consultant in state and Federal courts, to include serving on the prosecution team in UNITED STATES vs. TIMOTHY MCVEIGH. He has testified before U.S. Senate and Congressional committees and numerous state legislatures, and he and his research have been cited in a national address by the President of the United States. After a total of over 23 year's experience in leading U.S. soldiers worldwide, he retired from the Army in February 1998 and has devoted himself to teaching, writing, speaking, and research. Today he is the director of the Killology Research Group and in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks he is on the road almost 300 days a year, training elite military and law enforcement organizations worldwide about the reality of combat.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  All levels of law enforcement officers and supervisors.


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CONTACT INFORMATION: Kimberly Hendricks: at 501-570-8041 or call Toll free: 1-800-635-6310.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION:  Registrants must fax a signed and dated verification letter on agency letterhead within five days of submission of the registration request form to 501-565-3081 which includes the following statement:  This letter will verify that I, (name of registrant), am an employee of (agency name) and hold the position of (sworn/non-sworn) (position title), located at (address) and have registered for (name of class) on (date).


November 28, 2017
Criminal Justice Institute
Little Rock, AR

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