The Arkansas Center for School Safety is seeking qualified applicants to join our team as a Safe Schools Project Coordinator.

The Center has been awarded a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant to assist Arkansas school districts, both public and private, to develop effective behavioral threat assessment teams and processes. Threat assessment is a critical component of preventing school shootings and other targeted violence on campus.

Through this three-year project, the Center will expand the capabilities of the Arkansas Center for School Safety to assist school districts, both public and private, statewide to prevent and mitigate violence. The Center will continue to collaborate with key stakeholders to accomplish the goals and objectives of this project. Due to the significant high-risk student population and legislation establishing a statewide anonymous tip line, threat assessment resources and training, both online and face-to-face, will be made available to help districts enhance or develop threat assessment teams to recognize, respond quickly and help prevent acts of violence.

Other training provided will include hands-on site safety audit and Youth Mental Health First Aid training. Finally, basic and advanced academies will be developed and implemented for school safety coordinators and other members of district safety and security teams.

This position will be responsible for the day-to-day implementation of this program. The primary responsibilities include coordination and scheduling of classes, working with contractors in the development and delivery of classes, project data collection, and instructing Youth Mental Health First Aid courses.

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