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Crime Scene Courtroom Testimony: Coming in September!

“Law enforcement officers have the obligation to convict the guilty and to make sure they do not convict the innocent. They must be dedicated to making the criminal trial a procedure for ascertainment of the true facts surrounding the commission of the crime. To this extent, our so-called adversary system is not adversary at all; not should it be.”

- United States v. Wade, 388 U.S. 218 (1967).

On September 11-12, Crime Scene Courtroom Testimony will be held at the Criminal Justice Institute, designed specifically for the crime scene investigator who is frequently required to testify to their observations and actions at a crime scene as well as subsequent interpretation of their findings.

The importance of being a fair and impartial witness as a crime scene technician is paramount. This two-day course will provide suggested guidelines in testifying as an expert witness in crime scene investigation. In addition to lecture, students may be required to participate in a mock court trial. The knowledge gained through this experience will be applicable to future court testimonies.

Crime scene specialists and detectives/investigators that process crime scenes will benefit from this course.

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