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The Criminal Justice Institute's new subscription program will allow CJI to develop and deliver new training programs and services that best meet the evolving needs and challenges of Arkansas law enforcement professionals.

Training in specialized and advanced areas of policing is critical for officers and deputies at all ranks and for departments of all sizes; therefore it is essential that all officers have access to CJI programs. For agencies who cannot afford a subscription, scholarship opportunities are available through an allocation of one-time funding from Governor Asa Hutchinson.

An independent committee comprised of regional law enforcement representatives will review agency applications and rank recipients based on financial need. Scholarships are only available to law enforcement agencies.

To apply for a scholarship, the agency head must complete an application form found here.

Scholarships for 2018 are being accepted and award notification will occur prior to January 31, 2018.  The number of scholarships awarded will be dependent upon the amount of funds available.

If you have any questions about scholarship opportunities, contact Carol Waddle at 501-570-8021.