This course certifies law enforcement officers as Drug Recognition Experts.  Participants will learn classification of drugs and their observable effects.

Upon successful completion of DRE School, the candidate will be required to attend the Field Evaluation Phase of the training.  The class will be held August 19 – August 31, 2024 at the Criminal Justice Institute, 26 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock, AR 72205.   DRE Candidates will complete twelve required DRE evaluations on impaired subjects.

For students traveling more than 50 miles to either location of training, lodging will be provided and all meals and mileage (personal vehicles only) will be reimbursed, if not provided.  Any reimbursement will be at the state per diem rate.

 The deadline for applications will be August 12, 2024.  For questions or more information, contact Harold Edmonson at or 501-570-8035.

  • This course is 56 hours
  • This course earns credits in our Degree Program
  • Must be 24-hour SFST certified
  • Must have completed Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)
  • Must complete DRE Application packet attached to the links below and submit before the deadline of August 12, 2024

 Documents to download, complete, and return:

  1. DRE Application Process form (includes more items to submit)
  2. DRE Application (incomplete applications will NOT be considered)
  3. DRE Commitment Pledge
  4. Student Resume
  5. One page cover letter explaining your reasons for wanting to be a DRE and why you feel you are qualified
  6. Copy of your SFST certification
  7. Copy of your ARIDE certification
  8. Letter of recommendation from your chief/sheriff
  9. Letter of recommendation from a current DRE in good standing (recommended, but not required)

Please click on the links above to download the required forms, follow the directions, and submit the forms to Harold Edmonson at or mail them to: CJI Attn: Harold Edmonson, 26 Corporate Hill Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205.  Please remember, if you mail the packet it should be sent before the deadline of August 12, 2024.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.