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K-9, Case Law, and Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction

Body Language for Law Enforcement Officers

Fatal Fire Investigations

Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)


Fingerprint Classification, Comparison, and Identification

There are two reasons fingerprints are used for identification: They are UNIQUE. The fingerprints of no two individuals

K-9, Case Law, and Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction

CJI is coming to the Fort Smith Training Center on June 1 to deliver K-9, Case Law, and

NEW CLASS! Emotional Survival: Law Enforcement Growing Pains

Today’s police officers live in a perpetual state of combat. This state, referred to as “hypervigilance,” is a

Join Our Team as a School Safety Specialist

The Arkansas Center for School Safety is currently accepting applications for a School Safety Specialist. The School Safety

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