CJI building with Law Enforcement police cars in front of it

The Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) is a campus of the University of Arkansas System that serves a unique population of non-traditional students—certified law enforcement professionals who are actively employed within our State’s police departments and sheriff’s offices. The Institute is committed to our mission to making communities safer by supporting law enforcement professionals through training, education, resources, and collaborative partnerships.

Utilizing both classroom-based instruction and practical, hands-on application, CJI provides an educational experience designed to enhance the performance and professionalism of law enforcement in progressive areas of criminal justice, including law enforcement leadership and management, forensic sciences, computer applications, traffic safety, illicit drug investigations, and school safety.

The Criminal Justice Institute provides unparalleled support to the Arkansas law enforcement community by offering:

In addition to serving Arkansas law enforcement, we provide law enforcement training programs to police officers and sheriff deputies outside of Arkansas for a small fee.