Traffic Stops. Field Contacts. Inmate Interactions. Arrests. Law enforcement officers are placed in situations every day where they potentially face danger.

99 Signs of Danger is a dynamic interactive multimedia course of instruction for law enforcement officers designed to significantly increase their observation skills and their awareness of the signs of danger they face.

Officers will be immersed into dozens of real-life video scenes taken from actual life-threatening situations faced by law enforcement officers but with expert commentary by the instructor who has extensive real-life experience in dangerous interactions.

This course will expose several hundred very specific danger signs and illustrate how these signs manifest in typical law enforcement situations.

99 Signs of Danger was designed to instruct law enforcement officers to identify potential threats long before the threats become an attack. It will greatly increase an officer’s ability to avoid attacks, ambushes, and confrontations using cover, concealment, de-escalation, and communication. Law enforcement officers will be taught to conduct observations earlier and more accurately to gain a truer perspective of danger or false indicators.

May 21-22 | Criminal Justice Institute | REGISTER ONLINE TODAY!

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