Body Language for Law Enforcement is coming to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office on May 30.

Many of the communication skills taught in not only law enforcement academies, but in educational facilities around the world, are limited to verbal communication. However, non-verbal communication—including body language, facial expressions, gestures, created space—can tell a different story than what a person’s spoken words convey.

This training is designed to provide law enforcement with a detailed understanding of non-verbal communication. This course focuses on body language movements that law enforcement officers may be missing when interacting with people.

The course will cover 4 regions of the body, non-verbal vocal changes, foreshadowing and many other important elements of body language. Attendees will be provided with the knowledge to use body language to assist in detecting deception and detecting aggression. Upon completion of this course, attendees will understand the importance of recognizing a baseline and what messages may be conveyed by different body movements.

Who Should Attend?

This course has been designed for everyone in law enforcement, as it has been taken by patrol officers, agents, investigators, conservation officers, sheriff’s officers, arson investigators, detectives and other LEOs on the local, state, and federal levels with various job titles and job descriptions.

Questions? Contact Jared Cisco @ 501-570-8078 or