The Criminal Justice Institute offers a series of online programs that has expanded the availability of some of our traditional classroom offerings to the web. The number of these programs continues to grow as we launch two new online courses for 2022!

Duty to Intervene and Post Custody Care ONLINE
Duty to Intervene and Post Custody Care ONLINE is a new two-hour class that will assist law enforcement agencies in developing policies and implementing new procedures to help alleviate potential issues with intervention and post custody care. The focus of such policies should describe when an officer should intervene, outline how to interpret when improper force is being used, and explain how these incidents should be reported and documented. Post custody care procedures will also be discussed to ensure officers are trained in recognizing when medical attention in needed by proper personnel, and with minimal delay. REGISTER ONLINE!

Advanced Use of Force ONLINE
Advanced Use of Force ONLINE is a new six-hour that introduces an in-depth study and analysis of relevant case law from around the nation in the field of law enforcement use of force engagements. Topics will include criminal and civil liability at both the state and federal level. Be prepared to explore, interact and discuss fact scenarios in an effort to understand and distinguish differing court opinions. Constitutional Law will be discussed as necessary. This course will be taught from an interactive PowerPoint with videos, graphs, statistics and written content from case law in the United States and within Arkansas. REGISTER ONLINE!