The Criminal Justice Institute is pleased to announce our new course schedule for Winter/Spring 2024.

In addition to our online classes, we’re offering more than 80 classroom-based trainings in locations across the State. Utilizing practical, hands-on application, CJI provides an educational experience designed to enhance the performance and professionalism of law enforcement.

We have some really great classes coming up that we think you’ll be excited about!

99 Signs of Danger
May 21-22 • Criminal Justice Institute
This two-day class is a dynamic interactive multimedia course of instruction for law enforcement officers designed to significantly increase their observation skills and their awareness of the signs of danger they face each day. This course will expose several hundred very specific danger signs and illustrate how these signs manifest in typical law enforcement situations, such as traffic stops, field contacts, inmate interactions, statements made, and arrest situations.

Crimes Against the Elderly
As a result of this 7-hour training, officers will be able to identify the dynamics of elder abuse and conduct effective elder abuse investigations. In many cases, law enforcement officers can use tools already used in domestic violence, stalking, child abuse and sexual abuse cases to interview victims and gather evidence.

May 23-24 • Criminal Justice Institute
This two-day class is designed for both first responders and investigators, covering the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and best investigative practices. The most popular and widely used coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR) are covered in detail. Attendees will create their own wallets and have hands-on exercises.

Decomposition & Post Mortem Interval
April 25 • Criminal Justice Institute
This one-day class delivered in conjunction with Forensic Entomology, will expand the student’s knowledge on decomposition and the (PMI), the time that has elapsed since and individual’s death.

Effective Leadership Communication
April 2-3 • Searcy Police Department
This two-day workshop will reference John Maxwell’s best-selling book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. During this course, officers will learn how to identify with people and relate to others in a way that increases leadership effectiveness.

Interpreting Data for Digital Investigations Using Excel
June 17-18 • Criminal Justice Institute
This one-day class is designed to give the participants the tools needed to sort and analyze digital data using pivot tables for investigations.

Leadership Through Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Human Behavior
June 11-13 • Pope County Sheriff’s Office
Law enforcement officers need to develop healthy relationships and manage conflict while achieving productive goals. To achieve their goals, law enforcement officers need skills to build, maintain, and strengthen alliances and partnerships, both within and outside an organization.

Router Interrogation
May 20 • Criminal Justice Institute
This one-day class will teach participants how to analyze a router for pertinent information that could potentially be used as evidence.

Science of Decision Making: Identifying Implicit and Explicit Biases
April 25 • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
This eight-hour course explains how the human brain develops and processes personal biases. This course is presented in a pro-law enforcement platform, which explains cognitive processes that impact unfavorable decisions is a human challenge and not a law enforcement problem.