Juvenile Gang Awareness for Schools

This course provides a basis of knowledge and understanding of the psychology of juvenile gang members, the effects

Expect Respect: Promoting Healthy Relationships for Safer Schools and Communities

Safe and supportive relationships are key to good health, well-being, and school success. Expect Respect is built on

Resilience Strategies for Educators: Techniques for Self-Care and Peer Support (RSE) Train-the-Educator (TtE) Virtual Training by Request (VTBR)

As part of a comprehensive school emergency operations plan, it is important for schools and school districts to

Basic Mental Health Awareness for Educational Staff Online

This Basic Mental Health Awareness course is designed by professionals in the field to help those that work

Victimization of Youth in Schools

This three-hour course will help participants learn to better recognize and identify the signs of victimization of youth

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) for Schools

This course allows participants to use advanced Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) strategies and solutions to promote

Addressing and Preventing Adult Sexual Misconduct (ASM) in the School Setting: Train-the-Educator

While schools are the safest place for children, the threat of adult sexual misconduct (ASM) in the school

Solo Engagement Response to an Active Killer

This two and a half day course will focus on solo-engagement tactics which provide officers, who may find

Managing Gangs in Schools

This three-hour course will explore students’ involvement with gangs and the impact that gangs have on them and

Active Shooter Threat Assessment and Threat Leakage

This comprehensive, research-based course examines the psychology and behavior of active shooters, with a particular emphasis on adolescent