Advanced Methamphetamine Investigation

Methamphetamine remains an extremely serious problem in the United States. In some areas of the country, it poses

Community Advisory Forum

COMBATTING THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC IN ARKANSAS How can community members become involved in battling the opioid epidemic that

Advanced Overdose Investigation

Advanced Overdose Investigation is a specialized course designed for those law enforcement personnel who work complex drug overdose

Drug Identification Online

This course will focus on the preliminary field identification of illegal and diverted legal drugs, as well as

Dangerous Drugs Lab Recognition

Over the past few years, patrol officers and narcotic investigators have faced a litany of new and challenging

Undercover Investigations

This course is designed to prepare participants to legally, safely, and effectively conduct undercover drug investigations. Topics will

Patrol Officer Drug Investigations

Drug-related crimes are impacting every community across the United States. Law enforcement agencies devote a tremendous amount of resources to

Undercover Narcotics Operations – Advanced Tactics

This course is for law enforcement investigators and narcotic officers. Attendees will learn advanced surveillance techniques and effective,

Advanced Informant Management

This 2-day advanced class provides proper guidelines to recognize, recruit, train, and safely manage informants. The student will

Advanced Criminal Interdiction and Trapped Vehicle School

This three-day course was designed to use three key topics to expand upon what was learned in CJI’s