Cybercrimes Insight and Introduction to Digital Evidence Identification

This is a one-day instructor-led course designed to introduce law enforcement officers, with limited or no prior knowledge

Drones: Development, Implementation and Certification Preparation for Law Enforcement

Developing a sUAS program for law enforcement presents both technical and tactical challenges and many factors must be

Grant Writing for Law Enforcement

This course is designed to aid police personnel in developing and refining their grant writing skills and understanding

Dark Web and the Internet

This course breaks the stereotype that anything related to the dark web is untraceable and futile to investigate.

Investigative Interviewing and Statement Analysis

This course will provide its participants the effective art of conducting investigative interviews with the use of a

Uncommon Leadership

The law enforcement profession today faces a myriad of challenges never before seen in modern history.  To meet

Using Geofence Warrants in Criminal Investigations

Location information is being constantly collected and stored by various companies, primarily for research and marketing purposes.  This

Duty to Intervene and Post Custody Care

Recent images seen in the media have sparked citizens to be concerned with officer’s duty to intervene.  Due

Officer Tools for Detecting Misleading Behaviors

In many instances, law enforcement officers have limited opportunities to interview witnesses to crimes or interrogate suspects that

Duty to Intervene and Post Custody Care Train the Trainer

Well-trained law enforcement officers is vital to controlling crisis situations. Recent images seen in the media have sparked