Rapid advances in the forensic sciences require even seasoned crime scene investigators to attend education and training programs designed to provide updated information and new techniques and procedures. To enhance the knowledge and skills acquired by the graduates of our six-month program and continue our educational investments in their agencies and the citizens they serve.

WEEK ONE: Advanced Crime Scene Photography

WEEK TWO: Advanced Crime Scene Processing Techniques

WEEK THREE: Crime Scene Reconstruction and Interpretation

This program is available only to individuals who have received CJI’s Crime Scene Technician Certificate. Participants must successfully complete all three components to be awarded the Advanced Crime Scene Technician Certificate.

Application Process:
Once a new session becomes available, nomination letters can be submitted to Dr. Cheryl May from your Chief of Police, Sheriff, Department Head or Director indicating how your participation in this program will benefit your agency, that your agency will provide all required photography equipment, and that he/she will support your attendance as well as ensure, to the best of their ability, your participation in all three courses.

Equipment Requirements: 
Photography skills are critical in crime scenes and evidence documentation.  Each department must provide its agency representative a minimum amount of photography equipment to ensure successful participation in the program. The minimum photography equipment required for participation in ACSTCP is listed below:

• Adjustable Digital Camera
• Camera Manual
• Tripod
• Detachable Flash
• PC Cord

o This is a 63-hour class.
o This class earns credits in our Degree Program.
o This class is included in our membership program.

For more information, contact Kimberly Hendricks Jones: (501) 570-8041 or kdhendricks@cji.edu.