• Multiple Dates
  • Online

The Animal Fighting/Animal Cruelty Investigations ONLINE class is designed to give participants the skills needed to successfully investigate cases involving animal cruelty, to learn search and seizure tactics for such cases, and to improve his/her report writing skills.  The program provides an overview of Arkansas’ Animal Cruelty law and offers investigative techniques that are useful in these investigations. The course will also include information about the history of blood sports and the behavior of the animals involved in them, methods used to train dogs and cocks will be discussed, and participants will be introduced to different types of evidence involved in dog and cock fighting cases.


Participants in this class will learn:

1. To prepare effective reports with both written words and photographs.
2. Methods used to train dogs and cocks.
3. The process of winning or losing animal fighting matches.
4. Categories of people involved in blood sports and the different clubs and associations that register dogs for fighting.
5. Types of evidence involved in dog and cock fighting cases.