• Nov 9, 2020 - Nov 9, 2020
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Washington County Sheriff's Office

Police and Community Relations will only improve with up-to-date training dealing with issues head-on. This course will help officers identify and understand the problem, communicate more effectively with citizens, ensure compliance with federal & state laws, prepare for hostile encounters, and continue to engage in proactive policing without jeopardizing their safety.

Information presented during this course is not designed to create an atmosphere of passive or reactive policing. When that approach is taken, the criminals win and wreak havoc in the community. In addition, it creates a more dangerous environment for police officers.

One of the most impactful steps to influencing change and promoting positive relations in a community is hiring the right officers, and diversity is the key. It’s no secret that law enforcement is facing significant problems nationwide with interest in the profession. This block of instruction will include strategies to initiate recruitment from a more diversity-seeking approach, and will explore citizen programs that help promote positive relations within the community.

Proven strategies to improve police and community relations across the country will be presented. The primary focus of this training is bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve while maintaining smart, aggressive strategies to deal with those who choose to violate the law.

This course is designed for all certified law enforcement officers.