The SCHOOL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPERVISION (SLES) is exclusively designed to provide first and second line supervisors with the fundamental skills they will need to become effective managers over the span of their careers. Exceptional speakers and those recognized as experts in their profession provide instruction and facilitate group activities over the span of this course.   Program objectives are carefully selected and continually evaluated to ensure the information is applicable and relevant for the 21st century law enforcement leader. To be considered, nominees must have obtained the rank of sergeant or above.

Conducted over a period of four weeks, and offered two times per year, this professional course of study requires the successful completion of weekly exams, reading assignments, and a research paper or grant a topic relevant to law enforcement supervision due at the end of the third week.

The top research papers from each class are posted here.

Session LX will be held on the following dates at the Criminal Justice Institute, 26 Corporate Hill Dr., Little Rock, AR:
February 12-16, 2024
March 11-15, 2024
April 15-19, 2024
May 13-17, 2024

Letters of nomination are required for attendance in this specialized course. Nomination should be submitted to CJI’s Director, Dr. Cheryl P. May no later than January 12, 2024. If your agency would like to be considered for lodging assistance, it must be indicated in your letter of nomination.

This is a 140 hour class.

This class earns credits in our Degree Program.

This class is included in our membership program.

Class hours are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

For more information, contact Kimberly Hendricks Jones: (501) 570-8041 and