Today, Arkansas law enforcement professionals are expected to perform a fuller gamut of services than ever before. In addition to their primary roles of protector and enforcer, they must also serve a variety of secondary roles—teacher, counselor, mentor, mediator, and advocate. Each role requires its own base of skills and knowledge, which is often best obtained through advanced training and education.

Through the Criminal Justice Institute’s Education and Training Center, Arkansas law enforcement has access to programs and services designed to hone these skills. The Center oversees the development, coordination and delivery of CJI’s Distinguished Programs along with courses in Forensic ScienceLaw Enforcement Management, and Computer Training. In addition, the Center actively develops and delivers Traffic Safety and Illicit Drug Initiative programs of study designed to address the emerging needs of Arkansas law enforcement. All of these programs are provided free of charge to Arkansas law enforcement personnel. We are beginning to offer some of our programs to Out-Of-State law enforcement personnel, in-state non-sworn law enforcement personnel, and in-state non-commissioned correctional officers, jailers, and detention center employees.