Child maltreatment has been a national crisis for decades. Intervention on behalf of these children has largely fallen to various governmental agencies that traditionally work independent of one another. This often results in inefficiencies, lack of information sharing, and poor overall outcomes for children and families. This course is designed to bring law enforcement agencies, child protective services, and community corrections into a structured collaborative network for all child maltreatment cases with an underlying emphasis on determining the nexus to drug endangerment. This program is designed to improve safety for children through coordinated leveraging of information and resources between the Human Services and Criminal Justice Systems.

Learning Objectives 

Participants in this two-day training workshop will:

  • Understand the protocols, resources, and limitations of the other governmental agencies involved in child maltreatment intervention.
  • Learn to use the tools and instruments developed by the Criminal Justice Institute for implementation, relationship building, and data collection.
  • Create a sustainable framework for long-term implementation and leadership within the local community.

Required Prerequisites 

Participants must be willing and able to serve as a leader within their organization to implement, work within, and train these concepts and practices.

Upcoming Classes

  • November 16 - 17, 2023

    Criminal Justice Institute - 26 Corporate Hill Dr, Little Rock, AR 72205
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