We have an exciting NEW class coming to Conway!

Intro to Cell Phone Data Investigations for Detectives will be held at the Conway Police Department on Tuesday, March 15.

Cellular devices have become a bedrock in daily interaction and communication for society. As cellular devices become increasingly complex and viable for daily life, the devices transmitting cellular data are inversely beneficial to law enforcement for investigative analysis.

This course will introduce officers and new detectives to the vast amounts of data held by cellular providers in and beyond the Call Detail Records. Officers will be instructed on the types of data and benefits of each data set for investigative needs. Walk through sample case studies based on real investigations and see real-world applications of the knowledge learned. Learn processes in displaying the vast amounts of cellular data obtained by cellular providers into an easy format presentable to prosecutors and a courtroom.

The course delivery will include instructor presentations and practical demonstrations of real-life applications of this data. Current trends around the country show cellular data is utilized in every type of investigation from homicides, to rapes, to domestics. This information is readily available if the investigator knows what to look for and how to present the information.

This course is designed for all certified law enforcement officers.