Every law enforcement agency, no matter how professional or dedicated to its personnel, has a small cadre of individuals who resist organizational direction and try to undermine management direction. They sabotage morale, resist team-building efforts and create a toxic work environment for the unfortunate people who happen to be coworkers.

Malcontent Cop: An Intervention Strategy, a one-day training being presented in collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, will present a three-pronged intervention strategy for dealing with malcontent cops: supervisory training, organizational stakeholder development and training for the malcontent officers.

This course will teach officers to:
– Develop supervisory skills that aim to correct unproductive officer behaviors
– Review the need for organizational stakeholder development
– Rejuvenate careers and harness valuable resources within agencies
– Explore “Early Warning System” Programs

This training will be held Wednesday, June 15, at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock.

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For more information, contact Kim Hendricks at 501-570-8041 / kdhendricks@cji.edu.