The law enforcement profession today faces a myriad of challenges never before seen in modern history.  To meet and overcome these challenges law enforcement agencies now, more than ever, need uncommon men and women to provide courageous and principled leadership.

Uncommon Leadership is coming to the White County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, December 6.

This is a highly interactive course that goes beyond leadership theory and provides officers an opportunity to examine, discuss and evaluate the leader’s role in every aspect of the law enforcement profession and develop real world solutions for real world problems.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Character Based Leadership
  • Competency vs. Character
  • Paradox Principle
  • Courageous Leadership
  • Leading with Safety
  • The Sin of Omission
  • 10 Fatal Errors of Law Enforcement Leaders
  • The 5 levels of law enforcement leadership
    (Adapted from John Maxwell’s book The Five Levels of Leadership)

REGISTER TODAY! Questions? Contact Kimberly Hendricks Jones @ 501-570-8041.