Financial Crimes Investigations

The purpose of this class is to provide an overview of the investigator’s challenges and responsibilities during the

Dark Web and the Internet

This course breaks the stereotype that anything related to the dark web is untraceable and futile to investigate.

Forensic Entomology

This 2-day course will cover the various applications of forensic entomology in legal investigations. Upon completion of this

Death Scene Investigation

This intensive 3-day class uses the Death Scene Investigation, Procedural Guide (2nd Edition) and case studies in a

Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

This advanced 32 hour bloodstain pattern analysis course is designed to build on and add to the knowledge

Suicide Investigation

The suicide crime scene is one of the most difficult crime scenes to investigate. This crime scene carries

Exploiting Social Media and Open Source Intelligence in Criminal Investigations

Criminals are leaps and bounds beyond Law Enforcement investigators in their use of technology in the commission of

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

This five-day course will include lecture and case history presentation, experiments, mock crime scene evaluations, photography, and documentation

Comprehensive Evidence and Property Management

This three-day course provides techniques for effective evidence and property storage and security. Participants will examine several methods

Investigations Using the Internet of Things (IoT)

Law Enforcement has been searching suspect’s cell phones for a few years now and utilized that information to