Firearms for Crime Scene

This class will offer insight into the scope of services provided by most forensic firearms labs. The range

Bloodstain Pattern Documentation

Major crimes scenes, especially homicides, often contain blood pattern evidence that may be difficult to interpret. This four-day

Cell Phones as an Investigative Tool

This two-day course will provide investigators with the knowledge of the type of data and evidence that can

Recovery of Human Remains

This five day course will emphasize the recovery of badly decomposed or skeletonized human remains.  Participants will learn

Crime Scene Reconstruction and Interpretation

This four-day course is designed to demonstrate the methodology and techniques used in the reconstruction and interpretation of

Smartphone Applications for Crime Scenes

You never leave home without it…your smartphone. So why not utilize it? This two-day course will explore the

Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program

The Crime Scene Technician Certificate Program (CSTCP) is a series of six fundamental courses that introduce vital components of crime

Using Forensic Light Sources

The primary purpose of this course is to identify and demonstrate the uses of forensic light sources with

Shooting Scene Investigation

Through a live fire event exercise, utilizing a variety of weapons, participants will be able to construct their

Fingerprint Classification, Comparison, and Identification

This three-day introductory course is designed to teach law enforcement personnel the value and uses of fingerprints for