Grant Writing for Law Enforcement

This course is designed to aid police personnel in developing and refining their grant writing skills and understanding

The Malcontent Cop: An Intervention Strategy

Law enforcement administrators often grumble about their “malcontent cops.” However, these officers are usually not seen as a

Managing Police Conduct

Managing Police Conduct is designed to help identify, structure, and promote a departmental culture of police conduct that

Managing Interviews and Interrogations

This seven hour course aims to define the criteria for obtaining truth from suspects without the use of

Coping with Law Enforcement Stress

Unmanaged stress can be very dangerous for the human mind and body.  Policing, by nature, is stressful, and

Advanced Principles of Leadership for First-Line Supervisors

Advanced Principles of Leadership for First-Line Supervisors was designed to build the skills of law enforcement personnel who

Suicide Prevention

Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention is a six-hour program that provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to stress management and

Suicide Prevention and Alertness Training

This course is designed  to help participants become more aware of the risks and warning signs of suicide

The Methamphetamine Challenge for Law Enforcement Executives ONLINE

This online course, developed in partnership with the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association and the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of

Sheriff’s Administration and Management Course (SAMC)

The Sheriff’s Administration and Management Course is a program developed by Arkansas Sheriffs that focuses on office operations.