School of Law Enforcement Supervision

The SCHOOL OF LAW ENFORCEMENT SUPERVISION (SLES) provides a foundation that law enforcement professionals need to build strong

Stress Management for Law Enforcement ONLINE

Unmanaged stress can be very dangerous for the human mind and body.  Policing, by nature, can be very

Foundations of Supervision and Leadership ONLINE

First-line supervisors are tasked daily with ensuring that officers understand and reflect the vision of the agency and

Principles of Supervision and Leadership ONLINE

An officer’s ability to supervise staff effectively is critical to a department’s goal of maintaining stability in their

Recruiting, Hiring, Background Investigations and Retention NEW

The Recruiting, Hiring, Background Investigations and Officer Retention course is segmented into four distinct training modules. The recruiting

Risk Management

The focus of this program will be integrating “real risk management” into the operations of your law enforcement

Advanced Supervision and Leadership

Management styles may vary among law enforcement managers, but adhering to key supervision principles should not. Individual organizational

Arkansas Leader

ARKANSAS LEADER is designed for chiefs, sheriffs, and other upper-level leaders within a law enforcement agency. This executive level