Will I receive a certificate and ACLEST credit?

Arkansas law enforcement participants who complete the curriculum will receive contact hours of credit from the Arkansas Commission

How do I get help?

For technical questions or login credentials, contact us at 501-570-8000 or support@cji.edu.

Once I am registered for a course and have my login information, how do I access and complete the course?

All our online classes are now on Genius/Blackboard instead of Adobe Connect. For Genius/Blackboard classes, after you either

What are the technical requirements for accessing the online course?

You can access your online course on any computer with an internet connection.

When are the online courses offered?

When you complete your registration form, please indicate which course you want to take and choose from the

How do I register for an online course?

Register just as you would for any CJI course by completing an online registration form. We will send

Who can take these online courses?

The majority of our online courses are on-demand training for Arkansas certified law enforcement officers. We also offer